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The homemade dough spread (to make the pic n ° N)

in balladant me at Laurence..petits meal with friends a mine of wonders and treasures

Nothing but the pictures will make you crack …..

So go to her window zieuter her universe …

Zou the recipe


In red my modifications ….

– 100g of toasted hazelnuts –

1 nice casserole of hazelnut oil

 1 large pinch of fleur de sel ((salt of pearl bright gerard for me))

 50g of unsweetened organic cocoa powder –

20g of organic sugar 

– 10g of maple syrup 

10g of neutral liquid honey

10-20 cl home hazelnut milk (I bought the supermarket in my bio but it is found in large surfaces)

Gourmet Exchange Idea for Christmas

It came to me the idea to propose you a small exchange of noel

I have all of my first consulting girlfriend Melissa . ..
To ask her if she intended to organize it as last year
She is overwhelmed by her training etc etc
She was kind enough to let me organize it
I loved last year waiting for the factor and open the surprise of my binome of the moment

So if that tells you
Leave me your names with the mention of approved Christmas exchange …
The registrations will be open until 20 NOVEMBER 13 HOURS
And the small parcels will have to reach your binomes the 15 of December at the latest …
After my little son will proceed to the draw to determine the binomes
This exchange is like its name indicates an exchange
Its purpose is not to ruin you … so you do as you feel ..

The exchange must include
A home delicacies (yes you can do it you who reads)
A charm to hang with fir
Or a small cooking utensil like a piece for Christmas
A gourmet chocolate bar
A small cookbook (-8 euros)
A small postcard of your area with a recipe on it ..
And a drawing of your hand (it will be funny) …..

Thank you for participating

Little things that are not nothing at all
Just a friendly chain between the one and the other who want to participate … nothing is an obligation especially, do it only if you are on to do it to the end
Imagining the disappointment of the binome who would not receive his small package …..

For those who want to affix the image I created on the blog ask me I would be happy to send them by mail ….
Here is hoping that it tempts you

Rice cake with rhubard jam

Tit husband bought me a nice MAP, and there was this recipe there

So I just post you the picture of the final result for the cake deriz since it is cooked in this bread machine

All the world was making a cake of rice ….

The accompaniment to the base is a juice of ruhubarb, which I have transformed (and wrapped in rhubard jam)

A small killing

My future beautiful girl who has horror, but horror of rhubarb was bluffed …… she never believed that there was rhubarb in my recipe

Rhubarb juice that turns into jam (expres)
100 g of diced rhub
50 of raspberries (strawberries normally but I put raspberry)
300 ml sugar
200 ml of water
3 mint leaves
1 lime zest and juice

Boil the water, add sugar, diced rhubarb, raspberries (or strawberries) lime and mint

Boil about 10 minutes, infuse and mix ……… and here it is finished