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Briquettes that kill …. mulls that kill

I fell (aie) on this wonderful blog

And I say to myself

But how do you get to spend all that time

It is a real treasure, and the first recipe is a success …. what do I say … a mega massacre

I resist evil at the call of the buns that suspect me “eat me eat me”

then that’s where it’s my batch. .

the recipe is there … clikouillez here

I have exactly done like it … I opted for dry yeast, I had more fresh …

And am amazed at the result

I made the dough last night …. for my part I prefer to do the pasta has brioche in the evening, the result is so much better

For the recipe ,, go to his blog

The michalak flan

My husband always likes the Parisian flan

well …. without thick paste (especially without dough lol) he ‘ll eat eat kilos and kilos.┬áLuckily for him that he does not have diabetes, because without dessert they will be unhappy
So as I bought myself the sublimissime book of Michalak
“The desserts that make me crack”

I said zou my hen go y for your cheuri cheuri ..

Simplistic, easy

But too too fondant, a wonder that makes your taste buds dance, in the mouth it dances the carmagnole I promise you
I have never tasted such a good flan
And it will remain my reference in terms of flan ……

Let’s go to the recipe

For 6 people
The recipe is for a mold of 18 cm
Milk: 500 g
liquid cream: 125g
sugar: 125 g
5 egg yolks
50 g cornflour

Boil the milk with the cream. Mix egg yolks with sugar and cornstarch. Pour the boiling milk on it whipping. Return to saucepan and thicken. Cover on contact (food film against preparation) and allow to cool. Preheat the oven to 180 and bake in a buttered and floured dish for 35 minutes to obtain a nice caramel color and some black spots.

I just added a little vanilla extract for the little extra

But I think that was superfluous