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5 Coolest Gadgets for Your Car

Among the massive equipment and gadgets constantly rolling out as technology advances, what could be the best ones to get which would not merely be show-offs but can actually be put to good use? Most importantly, which are the coolest gadgets that will make you the coolest car owner ever and give you a personalized unbeatable driving experience?

Having everything you need within reach, while you are free to express your own style and create your very own uniquely beautiful ride can be achieved with these great finds:

1. LED Lighting Kit

car interior led light kit
car interior led light kit

A mod that’s ideal for those who are not happy with dim interior lights and even more unhappy having to change side marker bulbs so soon or ending up with a busted taillight! The main feature of LEDs include being significantly brighter and longer-lasting compared to other light bulbs, and you get the same benefits if you have it installed in your car. Go all out if you want with a full-blast headliner lighting for the perfect mood setting.

2. Double Din Head Unit

double din head unit
double din head unit

The car stereo is constantly used whether you drive to and from work or school everyday, and love going on vacation over the weekends. It keeps you and everyone else in your car entertained with a radio, DVD, CD, or MP3 player and tons of features! The GPS navigation is quite useful, along with touchscreen functionalities, bluetooth and seamless connectivity on-the-go. Whether short or long trips, a Double Din Head Unit exhibits state-of-the-art technology that can keep up with your lifestyle!

3. 6.5 Speakers

6.5 car speakers
6.5 car speakers

The perfect complement to a great car stereo, a pair of the best 6.5 car speakers produce bombastic music like no other! The best pair can upgrade your sounds towards dynamic, excellent quality and can even add in some bass without ever needing a subwoofer or amplifier. It suits every car owner in a way that mid to high volumes can be selected and pumped up while music remains balanced and never distorted, making driving utterly enjoyable!

4. Night Vision or Rear View Cam

Night Vision
Night Vision

A clear path is essential for all drivers, new or experienced alike. Safety in the night is assured with good display of people, animals, and anything else that can be in the way even yards away with a night vision gadget. A rear view camera, on the other hand, makes backward car parking easier by giving an unobstructed view of what’s happening at the back of your car.

5. Neck and Back Massager

Neck and Back Massager
Neck and Back Massager

How often do you wish to go to have a relaxing day at the spa in the middle of the week, but your schedule simply doesn’t permit? Now, you can have one everyday right after you get off work without the extensive cost of hiring a masseuse. Receive instant relief from a tiring day and break-free from body aches and pain with this incredible stress buster! Enjoy a personal massage in the comforts of your own car. Some massagers are designed to be strapped onto your headrest, at the back of your chair, or as an entire cushioned seat arriving in different massage intensities to suit your preferences. Hot Stone or Shiatsu massage, anyone?

Rice cake with rhubard jam

Tit husband bought me a nice MAP, and there was this recipe there

So I just post you the picture of the final result for the cake deriz since it is cooked in this bread machine

All the world was making a cake of rice ….

The accompaniment to the base is a juice of ruhubarb, which I have transformed (and wrapped in rhubard jam)

A small killing

My future beautiful girl who has horror, but horror of rhubarb was bluffed …… she never believed that there was rhubarb in my recipe

Rhubarb juice that turns into jam (expres)
100 g of diced rhub
50 of raspberries (strawberries normally but I put raspberry)
300 ml sugar
200 ml of water
3 mint leaves
1 lime zest and juice

Boil the water, add sugar, diced rhubarb, raspberries (or strawberries) lime and mint

Boil about 10 minutes, infuse and mix ……… and here it is finished