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Grooming and Washing Basics For a Happy and Healthy Dog

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Grooming and cleaning is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your pet. Dogs love the attention they get from you with careful, gentle brushing and the affection in each stroke. This simple routine will keep your beautiful dog clean and looking pristine:

Coat and Hair

Brush your dog’s coat often to keep it shiny and stay healthy. Complete grooming tools are typically comprised of a wire slicker brush, short-haired rake comb, narrow and wide-toothed comb, toenail clippers, and the bristle brush for easy touch ups. Use nothing but a dog shampoo for washing, which is meant and particularly formulated to meet your dog’s needs of healthy hair.

Shampooing too often or using just any product can lead to dry skin and irritation, so bathe your dog only when they get dirty and smelly.


Use doggy eye cleaners, wipes and pads, or an eye solution for tear stains. Protective ophthalmic solutions may also be recommended by your vet for utmost eye health. Maintaining the hair around the face can greatly prevent eye problems in the future.


Never use Q-tips made for humans, but stick with cotton balls or wipes saturated with a special ear solution for dogs. Have your dog’s ears checked by a vet if you notice an unusual odor and discharge, and excessive scratching.


Keep your dog’s feet trimmed to remove anything that gets caught in the feet, which make your dog uncomfortable and can lead to painful, broken nails. Trim with a good toenail clipper after exercising with your dog, where there’s a higher chance Fido will stay still and let you do it.


The likelihood of tooth decay is higher if your dog eats soft food instead of dry food. Do not use human toothpaste because it tends to foam too much and contains fluoride, which can upset your dog’s stomach. There is a special kind of toothpaste formulated for dogs which you can get from pet stores.

It’s Bath Time!

bath timeMake bathing a pleasant part of your dog’s life and grooming easier by teaching your dog bathing can be fun. Associate it with things that capture your dog’s interest such as yummy treats, and be patient until you both gain the rewards of training. Gather all your supplies and lay a rubber mat to prevent slipping and injury, and more security for you as you give your dog a nice bath. Test the temperature of the water to ensure that it’s just right and comfortable.

A gentle massage as you work your way around encourages better circulation and allows you to check for lumps and bumps, redness or scabs on the skin. Grooming is also a good time to check for possible problems like fleas and ticks. You and your pet will eventually get used to this routine, and have more refreshing days within a fragrant home to spend together!

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