Rice cake with rhubard jam

Tit husband bought me a nice MAP, and there was this recipe there

So I just post you the picture of the final result for the cake deriz since it is cooked in this bread machine

All the world was making a cake of rice ….

The accompaniment to the base is a juice of ruhubarb, which I have transformed (and wrapped in rhubard jam)

A small killing

My future beautiful girl who has horror, but horror of rhubarb was bluffed …… she never believed that there was rhubarb in my recipe

Rhubarb juice that turns into jam (expres)
100 g of diced rhub
50 of raspberries (strawberries normally but I put raspberry)
300 ml sugar
200 ml of water
3 mint leaves
1 lime zest and juice

Boil the water, add sugar, diced rhubarb, raspberries (or strawberries) lime and mint

Boil about 10 minutes, infuse and mix ……… and here it is finished

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