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The Ins and Outs of Buying Tanning Bulbs

Finding the right size tanning bulbs can be a challenge, but there are many options for you to explore. These suggestions may be of some help to you. Check out the outlets you explored prior to purchasing your equipment  The boutique specialty shop at the mall, the retail department store, and the large discount chains.  The Sporting Goods departments at these larger stores would be your best bet.  A quick tour through the phone book might yield many results.

tanning bed

Don’t discount the possibility of finding what you are looking for at one of the larger home improvement chains.  Make a list of potential retail outlets in your city that carry tanning and supplies and call ahead for information.  You may be surprised to find there are many places to get the lamp bulbs you need. Initiate an Internet using the brand name of your bulbs as your search criteria. You will immediately have several hits including online stores and a possible link back to the manufacturer.

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Many manufacturers and suppliers of tanning equipment also have online stores that allow customers to order direct. You can shop online at anytime of the night or day that’s convenient for you.  Once you’ve found your item you have the advantage of having it delivered directly to your home. You now have tanning equipment in your home and can work on your tan whenever you wish, just make sure you are going to use the best tanning lotion products.

Once you’ve located an outlet for your bulbs, keeping them on hand is easy to do.  Order a few extras so you have them ready for that “rainy day” mom always told you about….

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