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The Ins and Outs of Buying Tanning Bulbs

Finding the right size tanning bulbs can be a challenge, but there are many options for you to explore. These suggestions may be of some help to you. Check out the outlets you explored prior to purchasing your equipment  The boutique specialty shop at the mall, the retail department store, and the large discount chains.  The Sporting Goods departments at these larger stores would be your best bet.  A quick tour through the phone book might yield many results.

tanning bed

Don’t discount the possibility of finding what you are looking for at one of the larger home improvement chains.  Make a list of potential retail outlets in your city that carry tanning and supplies and call ahead for information.  You may be surprised to find there are many places to get the lamp bulbs you need. Initiate an Internet using the brand name of your bulbs as your search criteria. You will immediately have several hits including online stores and a possible link back to the manufacturer.

Tanning Bulbs Sun Master

Many manufacturers and suppliers of tanning equipment also have online stores that allow customers to order direct. You can shop online at anytime of the night or day that’s convenient for you.  Once you’ve found your item you have the advantage of having it delivered directly to your home. You now have tanning equipment in your home and can work on your tan whenever you wish, just make sure you are going to use the best tanning lotion products.

Once you’ve located an outlet for your bulbs, keeping them on hand is easy to do.  Order a few extras so you have them ready for that “rainy day” mom always told you about….

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Best Parks to Ride Your Bike in California

California Parks open up vast opportunities for bicyclists to experience the breathtaking sights and natural wonders the state has to offer. Here are the best bike parks that can satisfy every type of biker’s idea of an adventure, especially if you’ve got your favorite mountain bike or adult trike to bring and make it worth your trip!

For the Thrill Seeker

mountain bike


Situated within Placer County at the Lake Tahoe Basin in Sierra Nevada, Northstar holds the largest and most diverse selection of scenic cross county trails in Northern California. The place is known for its huge rocks, loose soil and clouds of dust, perfect for the constantly challenged, gravity fueled, downhill mountain bike enthusiasts.


Mammoth is the biggest bike park in Southwestern US, with more than 80 miles of dirt singletrack amidst an amazing backdrop and close encounters with pinnacles of pine trees. The cross country, gravity fed downhill and jump trails pave the way for a thrilling ride!

Auburn State Recreation Area

This state park has one of the most popular trails in Placer and El Dorado Counties in California, the Foresthill Loop Trail, which is perfect for bikers who enjoy hiking and hunting too. hunters. Deers, rattlesnakes, turkeys, bobcats, and even bears can be seen within its 11 miles of rolling single track.

Henry W. Coe State Park

Love biking and fishing? The head over to Santa Clara/Stanislaus Counties, less than an hour from downtown San Jose. The park presents a large area of oak savannah, evergreen forests, and California grasslands. Challenge yourself with the steep terrain and catching bass or bluegill right from the old farm lakes dotting the landscape.

For a Relaxed Ride

relaxing bike ride

San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area

Cyclists bike on graded dirt on flat California Aqueduct roads in Merced County, running approximately 70 miles from the starting point at O’Neill Forebay. Enjoy views of the Diablo mountain range towards the west and the San Joaquin Valley towards the east.

Wilder Ranch State Park

A very mountain bike friendly and popular spot with local riders featuring is 35 miles of trails, both dirt roads and single-track. Ride within surroundings infused with a coastal prairie, woodland and forest scenery, and spectacular views of Monterey Bay.

Point Mugu State Park

The Sycamore Canyon Fire Road at Point Mogu in Ventura County presents a relatively flat riding experience for cyclists of all skill levels. Have a scenic biking escapade as you pass by seasonal stream crossings, wildlife and ocean views.

For Family Fun

family bike ride

Lake Miramar

How’d you want to be the coolest grandpa or grandma ever? Or give your mom or dad the opportunity to be one and share a priceless memory with your child? It’s a heartwarming sight to see the young at heart ride their cool tricycles alongside their grand children. Bring your adult tricycle for a worry-free ride in this treasure on California’s map where families can find great picnic areas, and cruise around the 5-mile paved path loved ones, walkers, joggers, and nature lovers alike.

Whittier Narrows Recreation Area Park

A park in South El Monte endowed with several lakes, a lot of greenery and trees, and very flat which is great for new bicyclists. There are rentals for a wide range of fascinating vehicles such as the 3-wheeled chopper and deuce coupe, or the 4-wheeled surreys and quad sport bike.

San Diego Santee Lakes

Referred to by locals as one of the best backyards in San Diego, this place is the ideal spot for families to embark in a great biking adventure! Ride the 5-mile trail within the natural environment of a beautiful 194-acre park with seven lakes for instant relaxation.

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Top 5 tips for choosing a good 9mm pistol

How do I buy a good 9mm pistol? Have you been asking yourself this question? Probably, you have been looking for an answer with no success.

CZ 75 SP-01

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Here is a guide on how to choose a good 9mm pistol when buying:

  1. Find a friendly and reputable gun shop

Since many companies are selling in the market, you should ensure that you find a reputable gun shop where you would buy it. Ensure that you research through their website to read the reviews of customers before making your choice on whether you will buy from them or not. Depending on the number of positive reviews from previous customers, you will definitely buy a good 9mm pistol from them.

  1. Try before buying

Never buy a 9mm pistol before trying if you need to make a perfect choice. Through trying it out, you will test on whether it is working properly or not. You can also seek assistance from the experts if you have no idea on how to test it prior to buying. In addition, you can try different handgun types, models, and makes available before making a decision on whether to buy from them or not.

  1. Know the features of a good 9mm pistol

Good 9mm pistols are thin in size, think light and are comfortable when carrying. With the information on the features, you will be sure that you would buy the best. Never buy one from the market when you have no idea on the features. In addition, you need to insist on reliability before buying from the company.

  1. Look for a good trigger

Finding a good trigger is key when looking for the best 9mm pistols in the shopping outlets. When you understand the features to look for, you will be in a position to buy quality 9mm pistols. For the buyers who may buying 9mm pistols for the first time, ensure that you get assistance from experts who understand the different types of triggers that you must buy for your pistol to function properly.

  1. Affordability is key — Do not Overpay!

With many companies selling 9mm pistols in the market, you should never pay more when you need to buy one. Through the price comparison and analysis of different companies, you will find the best place to buy whenever you need the best 9mm pistols. You will save money when you compare the prices and buy from the most affordable company.

In conclusion, the above are the top 5 tips when buying a good 9mm pistol from market dealers.

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5 Coolest Gadgets for Your Car

Among the massive equipment and gadgets constantly rolling out as technology advances, what could be the best ones to get which would not merely be show-offs but can actually be put to good use? Most importantly, which are the coolest gadgets that will make you the coolest car owner ever and give you a personalized unbeatable driving experience?

Having everything you need within reach, while you are free to express your own style and create your very own uniquely beautiful ride can be achieved with these great finds:

1. LED Lighting Kit

car interior led light kit
car interior led light kit

A mod that’s ideal for those who are not happy with dim interior lights and even more unhappy having to change side marker bulbs so soon or ending up with a busted taillight! The main feature of LEDs include being significantly brighter and longer-lasting compared to other light bulbs, and you get the same benefits if you have it installed in your car. Go all out if you want with a full-blast headliner lighting for the perfect mood setting.

2. Double Din Head Unit

double din head unit
double din head unit

The car stereo is constantly used whether you drive to and from work or school everyday, and love going on vacation over the weekends. It keeps you and everyone else in your car entertained with a radio, DVD, CD, or MP3 player and tons of features! The GPS navigation is quite useful, along with touchscreen functionalities, bluetooth and seamless connectivity on-the-go. Whether short or long trips, a Double Din Head Unit exhibits state-of-the-art technology that can keep up with your lifestyle!

3. 6.5 Speakers

6.5 car speakers
6.5 car speakers

The perfect complement to a great car stereo, a pair of the best 6.5 car speakers produce bombastic music like no other! The best pair can upgrade your sounds towards dynamic, excellent quality and can even add in some bass without ever needing a subwoofer or amplifier. It suits every car owner in a way that mid to high volumes can be selected and pumped up while music remains balanced and never distorted, making driving utterly enjoyable!

4. Night Vision or Rear View Cam

Night Vision
Night Vision

A clear path is essential for all drivers, new or experienced alike. Safety in the night is assured with good display of people, animals, and anything else that can be in the way even yards away with a night vision gadget. A rear view camera, on the other hand, makes backward car parking easier by giving an unobstructed view of what’s happening at the back of your car.

5. Neck and Back Massager

Neck and Back Massager
Neck and Back Massager

How often do you wish to go to have a relaxing day at the spa in the middle of the week, but your schedule simply doesn’t permit? Now, you can have one everyday right after you get off work without the extensive cost of hiring a masseuse. Receive instant relief from a tiring day and break-free from body aches and pain with this incredible stress buster! Enjoy a personal massage in the comforts of your own car. Some massagers are designed to be strapped onto your headrest, at the back of your chair, or as an entire cushioned seat arriving in different massage intensities to suit your preferences. Hot Stone or Shiatsu massage, anyone?